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Accountability. Connection. Love.

We focus on empowering women to find freedom from eating disorders and other addictions.

Our Mission

To provide Accountability, Connection and Love in order for our communities to rise above eating disorders, substance use disorder and dis-ease. 

Our Vision

People of all ages, colors, genders, socioeconomic levels and backgrounds can access the support services they need to find lasting recovery from eating disorders and addictions.  

Hull House Recovery Residences reflect the growth and evolution of The Hull Institute as an organization.

A Unique Recovery Experience

Located in a lovely neighborhood in Akron Ohio, Katie’s Place is for women who have a lot going on!  We designed Katie’s Place for the woman with a complicated life of challenges that are not easy to overcome.  When we have more than one issue to address, and a history of self-destructive behaviors, we need and deserve a healing place, for as long as it takes.  Katie’s Place wants women to stay as long as they need to as they find their way to the life they want.  There just aren’t many places to go for these co-occurring disorders!  Katie’s place is one of them.

Why Hull House Recovery Residences (HHRR)?

If you or a loved one is leaving treatment, and you know that going home is not the next right thing, come and stay with us at Hull House Recovery Residences.

There are few homes with expert programming and staff to address addictions and eating disorders.  You may be thinking: “Recovery in Akron, Ohio.  Really?”  YES!  When we want something bad enough, we will do the next right hard thing, again and again.  Akron may be that next right hard thing.  Actually, it is a very cool city with lots to offer.  If you come from out of town, your stay may be temporary, or you may decide to relocate to be part of our growing recovery community. If you live in Northeast Ohio, you will not be too far from your family and friends.

Katie’s Place is a four-bed recovery home designed specifically for women and those who identify as women, recently discharged from treatment for an eating disorder and/or addiction who may also struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and/or other brain disorders. We are open, non-judgemental and we embrace diversity and inclusion in all our practices.

Hull House Recovery Residences is rooted in the Peer Support, Social Model for eating disorders and addiction recovery.  We work closely with our residents, local treatment providers, family, and community toward the common goal of lasting recovery.

Our Approach to Recovery

Hull House Recovery Residences focuses on three essential tools to build meaningful recovery for individuals with eating disorders and addiction: ACCOUNTABILITY. CONNECTION. LOVE.

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For Clients

Learn about how we can help your clients to fly and get on with their life in recovery.

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For Friends & Family

We are here to help family members who are attempting to find a safe, sober home for their loved ones. Find out more regarding our program, houses, and levels of care.

Get Involved or Donate

We need talent, become a volunteer today! As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charity, your donations will help participants receive the treatment they need and help them on their road to recovery and the life they want and deserve.


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