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Peer supporters and recovery coaches have been around for a long time in the addictions world.  Finally, the concept of peer support has gained traction in the eating disorder world as well and peer supporters are needed.

At Hull House Real Recovery, we’re looking for talented individuals who want to make a difference in people’s lives. If you’re interested in joining our team, part or full-time, we encourage you to browse our position openings and apply for those that best suit your talents and experience.

All positions at HHRR provide the training you need to truly make a positive difference.

Open Positions

Join the Team

We are currently looking for focused and passionate individuals to join our team at Hull House Real Recovery. The ideal candidates will have patience, understanding and motivation to help improve the lives and recovery of individuals with eating disorders and addictions.

To be considered for the positions, you must have lived experience with an eating disorder or addiction, in addition to having been recovered for at least two years.

Become a Peer Supporter

Hull House Real Recovery is seeking individuals with lived experience with an eating disorder and/or addiction, that have been in recovery for at least two years, to join our team as a peer supporter.

Who is a Peer Supporter?

A peer supporter is someone who has had a successful recovery experience and now lends support and guidance to others that are going through their own recovery. While peer supporters are not intended to act as a replacement for one’s outside treatment team, they help to extend treatment coverage from a clinical setting into one’s everyday routine. From providing motivation and instilling hope, to developing achievable goals, and coping skills, peer supporters are here to serve as friends and mentors to those currently in recovery, especially in times of discouragement and difficulty.

Peer Support at HHRR

HHRR is looking for people to join our peer support team and work with individuals in one-on-one and group settings who are recovering from an eating disorder and/or addiction.

HHRR provides our peer supporters with full peer support training, monthly supervision calls and a wonderful community of HHRR’s peer supporters and staff members to provide optimal support and resources.

Our 4 easy step hiring process:

  1. Apply today
  2. Pass interviews
  3. Get trained
  4. Start!

Interested? Apply now!

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