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Families and Friends

The Struggle is Real

The HHRR home will house 4 women, and one live-in peer support house manager.

Our mission of Accountability, Connection and Love guides us in all we do, and every plan and policy we put in place. All of it is fluid, and nothing is set in stone. We will modify and rework things as we go, as each participant presents her own individual needs and challenges.

For our first participants, this is an exciting opportunity to work on their own recovery while helping design a premier program that works. They will help us shape the future HHRR programs, all while living in this truly wonderful home. And a home is not just bricks and mortar. Every new participant must have recently completed an intensive treatment program for ED. Having had SUD treatment is a bonus, since there are so few ED/SUD treatment programs in the US. Every incoming participant must participate in an intensive outpatient program (IOP), for the first 6 + weeks. The IOP could be for SUD, ED or both, depending on discharging treatment center recommendations.

Our role is to assist our participants in executing the treatment center recommendations and to support clients in following their relapse prevention plan. New participants must sign a release of information, so we can contact family in an emergency. New participants must sign a release of info for all treatment providers. HHRR staff will conduct an initial screening and gather info form the treatment center in order to make a determination if it fits it right, and we can provide the support needed. At that initial screening, virtually unless the person is local, we will answer all questions and explain how the program works and how we will work together to create a home that allows her to feel safe and focus on her recovery. We will explain all the paperwork and forms to complete.

We will discuss how HHRR is NOT treatment, rather it is a home for women to live in as they get their treatment nearby and find their footing as a person in recovery and in connection with themselves and others.

HHRR does not work in a vacuum. Being able to contact providers when necessary is an essential part of the program. Having providers who do not communicate doesn’t work!!

Family and friends are a big part of recovery

we will involve family to the extent that the participant allows. While family work is done through the providing treatment team, HHRR will support family involvement and work with families and clients in a way that everyone is on the same page and everyone understands what behaviors support and what behaviors hinder recovery. Families seeking their own treatment is always highly recommended.

Slips and slides occur in recovery. We must accept this truth. Our mission at HHRR is to support each participant in preventing slips and slides. And when they occur, we will help each participant to get back on track. Yes, there are rules in the house and a list of behaviors that cannot be tolerated. If a participant is putting herself or other participants or staff at risk, she must return to a higher level of care. Otherwise, we will love each participant through the challenging time and support them in finding solid ground.

HHRR is like a family. We don’t kick someone out because they went through a rough patch. What we do is connect even deeper with them, so they know that slips and slides are part of recovery and do not make a person less lovable or deserving of support. Accountability is part of the love and support. We are able to tighten up the plan and increase supervision and accountability during difficult times. With individualized recovery plans and a house manager who has “been there” and “gets it”, we can figure it out together. HHRR doesn’t have all the answers. In connections and working together, recovery is more possible than ever.

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