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You are concerned about your loved one

Our mission of Accountability, Connection, and Love guides us in all we do and every plan and policy we put in place at HHRR. Like life, all of it is fluid; we will modify and rework things as we go, as each resident presents their individual needs and challenges.

As a newer organization, our early residents will help us shape the future HHRR programs, all while living in this truly remarkable home. Every new resident must have recently completed an intensive treatment program for an eating disorder and/or addiction. Every incoming resident must participate in an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for the first 6 + weeks. The IOP could be for addiction, ED, or both, depending on discharging treatment center recommendations.

Recovery takes courage, effort and a team!  Our role is to assist our residents in executing the referring treatment center recommendations and to support clients in following their relapse prevention plan. New residents must sign a release of information so that we can contact family in an emergency. New residents must also sign a release of information for all treatment providers. HHRR staff will conduct an initial screening and gather information from the treatment center to discuss if our home is the right fit for the potential resident. The initial screening can be performed in person or virtually.  In this screening, we will explain the program, how we can work together to focus on the successful recovery and answer all questions. 

HHRR is not a treatment center; instead, it is a safe place for women and those that identify as women to live as they complete their treatment nearby and find their footing as an individual in recovery.  Our team of peer supporters walking beside our residents, dispelling myths about ourselves, about our diseases about our dis-ease and inspiring hope. Peer supporters with a lives experience give understanding, acceptance, validation, empathy and empowerment on the recovery journey that no one should have to do alone.

Success at HHRR requires we have a strong line of communication between the resident, the treating team, family when possible, and everyone at HHRR.  Communication is a crucial piece of success of any recovery journey.

Family and friends are a big part of recovery

We will involve residents’ family to the extent that the resident allows. While family work is done through the treatment team, HHRR will support family involvement; we will work with families and clients to ensure that everyone is on the same page by discussing behaviors that help and hinder recovery. Treatment for families is always recommended. And family is always welcome at the house, as long as the residents wants it.

Slips and slides occur in recovery; We must accept this truth. Our mission at HHRR is to support each resident in preventing slips and slides. If/when they do occur, we will assist each resident in getting back on track. We will love each resident through such challenging times and support them in finding solid ground. Accountability is part of the support that we provide. In the instance of a slip, we will tighten up the plan and increase supervision and accountability. Our reliable strategy includes individualized recovery plans, a house manager, and peer supporters who have “been there” and “get it.”. We will never “kick someone out” for relapse. However, if a residents’ behaviors are putting themselves, other residents, staff or the neighborhood at risk, they must return to a higher level of care.

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