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Frequently Asked Questions

Plan on staying 6-18 months in this recovery residence.  We have plenty of closet and storage space.  Your belongings will be searched upon arrival to keep you and other particpants safe. In addition to clothing and personal items, please bring some things from home that make you happy and bring you joy.

All new participants will be required to complete an IOP during their first 6 weeks at the house.  This IOP may be in person, or virtual and may be for the ED, for addictions, mood disorder or all three.  In addition, we require participants to attend some type of support group 7 days/week.

What sort of therapy will I be expected to attend?  

All participants must be prepared to follow the treatment recommendations of the team from the treatment center from which they are being discharged.  After completing the IOP, the minimum required off-site treatment is weekly individual therapy and weekly nutrition counseling.  HHRR will work with new participants and the discharging treatment center to find the best providers for each individual participant.

Yes, and you will be responsible for doing your own laundry.  We provide the laundry soap.

The cost is $3800.00/month.  This includes rent, food, support from the house manager, a sober living environment, accountability and supervision around meals and snacks, group food shopping, drug testing as needed, referrals to and assistance with your recovery plan: meds, doctor appointments, therapy, support groups, nutrition assessment and counseling, family therapy, etc.  Each participant will have their own individualized recovery plan, discussed and revised weekly,  and all the accountability, connection and love they need to do their work toward lasting recovery.

Unfortunately, Insurance does not pay for any part of the services in the recovery residence because we offer no on-site treatment.  Insurance will pay for outside counseling, doctor visits, IOP and some nutrition services.  The fee is high because HHRR is located in a safe, high-end neighborhood, and it is expensive to maintain the house with the high standards we have set to keep participants safe and well.  This monthly fee covers many supportive services as well as the overnight house manager, living with the participants and providing the added accountability, connection and love participants need to create the meaningful life they want and deserve.

The participants do the shopping and cooking together.  HHRR is like a family and everyone works together.  Each participant can have their favorite foods, though we do not allow participants to prepare all their own meals.  That’s too many cooks in the kitchen!  Recovery is a shared experience and family meals promote lasting recovery.

We can allow 4 cars at any one time.  When we are at full capacity, we can accept 4 participants.  So yes, you can probably bring your car.  There is safe parking in the driveway.  If you do not have a car, we have a safe bus line nearby or the house manager and other participants can often drive you depending on where/when you need to travel.

Relapse happens.  We are working toward progress, not perfection.  If you relapse, you will meet immediately with the house manager and your outside treatment team to determine the next best steps.   If you become suicidal, and we believe you are not safe, we will arrange for you to be evaluated immediately. If you need to return to treatment, we will arrange for you to get there.  This is true for both ED and drugs/alcohol relapse.  We are NOT interested in putting people out or punishing them for being human.

When you are admitted, you will sign a lease agreement, just like signing a lease on an apartment.  You will also sign that you have read and understand all the house documents outlining our expectations of you while you live with us.  You will be asked to leave the premises/move out of the house if you:  threaten or actually hurt someone: another participant, house manager or neighbor, non-accidental physical damage to the residence, yard or neighborhood, consistently fail to follow through with your agreed upon treatment contract.

We are committed to providing the highest level of confidentiality.  Each participant must sign a confidentiality agreement that they agree to keep personal information they learn from the other residence confidential.  What is said between participants must be kept between participants.  While we work hard to keep your stay at the residence anonymous, we cannot guarantee people will not find out where you are or the residence address.  We do not publish the address or pictures of the outside of the house on the website or to people who do not need to know.

You will sign that you have received our HIPPA confidentiality statement.  We will also be asking you if you are willing to sign a release of information for us to speak with you: family, sponsor, medical doctor, treatment providers, job, or others.  Working with the house manager, you and she will decide what is in your best interest.

The best way to get your questions answered is to call us at (216) 407-6278. Ann Hull Kuster, our Executive Director, still answers the phone, and she still believes in talking with people to answer all their questions.  No question is too big or small and certainly, no question is stupid.