Julie Sumner


Julie graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Law in May 2004, cum laude, and started working as an associate at Frantz Ward, LLP in September 2004. She was elected as a partner with Frantz Ward in 2013. She served as a member of the firm’s Labor & Employment practice group, routinely advising employers on compliance with various state, federal, and local employment laws, including Title VII, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, FLSA, and many more. During her time at Frantz Ward, Julie also developed a focus on OSHA and workplace safety, routinely advising clients on OSHA compliance and workplace safety issues. She has conducted multiple accident investigations and shepherded clients through OSHA investigations, as well as investigations conducted by other regulatory agencies.
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In July 2016, Julie left Frantz Ward to pursue entrepreneurial interests. She now owns and runs her own consulting company, Monarch Endeavors, LLC, through which her team provides training, coaching, and consulting services to employers, individuals, and HR professionals across the country. Julie also conducts investigations for companies, on a wide range of topics,
including harassment, discrimination, workplace injuries and accidents, compliance issues, and OSHA inspections.

Julie’s main focus these days is helping companies devise, modify, and implement strategic plans, succession plans, chains of command, performance evaluation systems, and many other processes and procedures designed to help the organization and its employees be more effective, engaged, and successful. Julie has worked with companies and organizations of all sizes, including family-owned businesses, governmental entities, and large corporations. Julie’s guiding philosophy when she works with companies is to find the solution that fits the company, rather than trying to fit the company into a particular solution. She takes time to get to know the people in each organization, which helps her learn the heart of the organization and better develop solutions that will be sustainable and impactful.

Cody Charvat


Cody is an Audit Manager at KPMG in the Cleveland office.  He has seen up close how the negative aspects of an eating disorder can add immense challenges to one’s life and is eager to help however he can.  Cody has been a director on the Hull House RR board since August 2021 and focuses his efforts on improving the overall accounting, finances, and fundraising operations of the organization.

Juliet M. Hull, CFP


Juliet is the Director of Relationship Management at Elk River Wealth Management, a registered investment advisory firm in Denver, CO.  Juliet is a Certified Financial Planner, working in the financial services industry for over 10 years.  Originally from Ohio, she grew up in Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado.  She lived in England for many years and returned to Denver where she began her career in finance.  Julie is Ann’s sister and she shares with us her knowledge about investing and financial planning.

Laura Gerak, PhD


Laura is a psychologist, currently the Clinical Director of Psychology at Akron Children’s Hospital, Akron, OH.  Laura and Ann have been friends for 35 years and Laura has served as an informal clinical consultant to The Hull Institute.  Laura knows clinical issues our clients face and how to access services.

Jennifer Murphy


Jennifer is a Global Onboarding Program Manager at Hyland Software in the Human Resources Department.  She has a history of working with teens and young adults in various work and volunteer capacities, and she has a fondness for this group of people.  Jenn is herself an athlete, so she has witnessed the challenges some athletes face regarding eating issues.  Jenn has been following Hull House RR since its inception and eagerly provides her expertise in HR and life to the Hull House Board, staff and residents.

Richard McLaughlin


Dick lost his sister, Katie, to an eating disorder several years ago.  His sister Katie was our first donor when she left money to Ann when she passed away.  Dick is a managing partner at World Steel Dynamics.  He has served on other boards and wants to be on the Hull House RR board to make a difference in the lives of people with eating disorders.  Dick is committed to providing guidance and support to Hull House RR, so we can carry out our mission to provide programming in ways that no one else does.

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