Ann Hull, Executive Director of HHRR - Headshot

Ann Hull Kuster, LISW, MBA

Executive Director

Ann has a Master’s in Social Work from Columbia University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Cleveland State University.

After working in many different areas of social work including counseling, crisis care, advocacy and case management, Ann found her passion in eating disorders work, and trained for 4 years at The Cleveland Clinic.

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Recognizing an unmet need in Northeast Ohio, Ann opened The Hull Institute in 2003 to help people who otherwise might not receive the care they need to find and maintain recovery.  After 20 years of practice, Ann is recognized as an expert in the treatment of eating disorders. Ann has built a sizable practice with a team of 12 therapists and 5 dietitians, all specially trained in treating eating disorders and all the co-occurring brain disorders that go with them.  She collaborates with both local and national healthcare providers to provide the best possible guidance in the care of all The Hull Institute clients.  Ann recognizes the importance of being an educator as well as a student. Ann leads seminars and workshops and remains a student herself. Ann is no longer seeing clients herself, leaving that to the younger, up-to-date clinicians in the practice.  She is now leading and teaching others, building the practice, advocating for the marginalized. and going out to lunch a lot!

She is so grateful for the work of all of the providers at The Hull Institute and the clients who allow us to serve them in their recovery journey.I appreciate you sending this to me.

Meghan Todd, MBA, Executive Assistant

Meghan Todd, MBA

Program Manager

Passionate advocate for mental health, Meghan is committed to destigmatizing mental illness and promoting well-being. She strives to raise awareness and support for those struggling with eating disorders, advocating for inclusive and accessible care. Meghan has her Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Public Health. She has experience in mental health and healthcare settings. She lives in Cincinnati, OH and spends her free time reading, playing pickleball, and spending time with friends.

Mary Mohr - Peer Supporter

Mary Mohr

Peer Supporter

Mary Mohr is passionate about helping others in the recovery space. She has been recovered from both alcoholism and an eating disorder for over 5 years. She struggled with a restrictive eating disorder from the age of 14 which shifted to heavy alcoholism in her early 20’s. Her journey to recovery began after a several year spiral deep into alcoholism. Her consequences piled high and she was unable to stop drinking on her own. She knew she had but two options: to find recovery or face an alcoholic death. She dove into the program of AA and found recovery through the 12 steps. Today she has found a strong fellowship of women and a fulfilling life in recovery she never thought possible. By day Mary is a Creative Director for a boutique marketing agency and is passionate about all things art, design and creativity. She has a small Pomeranian dog named Bowie who brings much joy and fluff to her life.

Tori Berg - Peer Supporter

Tori Berg

Peer Supporter

Tori Berg lives in Hinckley, OH with her cat, Ollie Bear. She is very obsessed with Ollie Bear, who she spoils regularly. Tori is a nanny and loves working with teenagers and children! She has been in recovery from anorexia and bulimia for 4 years. She is also in recovery from self-harm. Her journey has not been easy, but with the help of her support team, she has had a remarkable recovery. Tori values being a peer supporter because she felt isolated and alone in her eating disorder. She wants to use what she has learned from her experience to help others through their own journeys, and her compassion and vulnerability help to create a safe space. Tori’s fun-loving attitude and relatability will be sure to make you laugh.

Lorna Barimi, Peer Supporter Hull House Real Recovery

Lorna Barimi

Peer Supporter

Lorna Barimi and her two cats live in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an artist and a fitness instructor, teaching pole dancing and yoga. After 10 years of coping with trauma through disordered eating, she began the healing journey that would lead her to herself. Lorna wants to help others through their own healing by being the peer supporter that she wishes she had. Life without the berating, internal ED voice has been so much more peaceful. She hopes that she can help others realize that they deserve that peace too.

Peer Supporter Hull House Real Recovery

Jody Esselstyn

Peer Supporter

Jody is an elementary school nurse and mother of three who lives in Charlottesville, VA with her husband, son (the older two kids have gone to college!), and miniature poodle, Moka. She volunteers as a docent at the UVA art museum, is halfway through her Intuitive Eating certification, and is trained as a yoga teacher (200-hr). Among other pursuits, Jody enjoys hiking (especially in the fall), dancing, listening to her kids’ poetry, singing along to 80’s pop music, reading, and eating street tacos. In her new role as a Peer Supporter with Hull House Real Recovery, she’s excited to use her lived experience with eating disorder recovery in midlife to help others.

Lorna Barimi, Peer Supporter Hull House Real Recovery

Carly Henry

Peer Supporter

Carly is passionate about helping people struggling with eating disorders and strives to improve quality of life through timely, effective intervention, and greater accessibility to affordable, quality care. Knowing how challenging life with an eating disorder is, she has a passion for helping others be able to live a fulfilling life without their eating disorder. Through her experience and education in Public Health and Nutrition, she understands the importance of peer support. Through these measures, she strives to contribute to advances in eating disorder recovery and, ultimately, improve the lives of those affected. As a peer supporter, she hopes to be a source of encouragement and motivation to help others realize that recovery is worth it.

Johnna Hooker, Peer Supporter Hull House Real Recovery

Johnna Hooker

Peer Supporter

Johnna Hooker is a Health & Wellness coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is committed to helping those who struggle with disordered eating improve their relationship with food. Johnna has four years of personal experience in eating disorder recovery. As she continues to work to overcome binge-eating and emotional eating, the obsession with food and body image is lifted on a daily basis. To her, this is a miracle. Johnna creates a safe and nonjudgmental space for all who want to make a change; this is her passion. She knows that long-lasting change is possible through small, manageable steps. Because she understands the ups and downs of the process, Johnna’s approach toward healing is one of compassion, collaboration, and accountability. With the willingness to do something different anything is possible. 

Lorna Barimi, Peer Supporter Hull House Real Recovery

Jenny Sprance

Peer Supporter

Jenny is thrilled and grateful to be joining Hull House Real Recovery as a Peer Supporter! Jenny is ecstatic to have the opportunity to use my own lived experience and recovery as a way of helping others through theirs. She hopes to be a role model for others pursuing recovery and provide encouragement in knowing that none of us are alone in this journey; we can, and we will get through this together. She has been in recovery for 11 years and understand how painful and challenging it is to live with an eating disorder and mental illness in all aspects of one’s life. She knows how difficult life after treatment can be, the challenges that can arise, and the importance of peer support throughout this process. She wants to be there for my mentees in any way that I can be and instill in them the shared belief that with support, community, and hope, recovery IS possible. 

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In addition to being a Peer Supporter, thanks to recovery, she is a National Walk Coordinator for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), and she just celebrated my one-year anniversary of being a mental health professional. These positions have been my two biggest goals in recovery, and she is incredibly grateful and humbled to be living her recovery dream come true. She wants others to know that with recovery, they too can achieve their biggest dreams and not only survive, but thrive!

Lorna Barimi, Peer Supporter Hull House Real Recovery

Dina Condeluci


Dina is an MPH student in the Behavioral Community Health Sciences program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health with Bachelors in Natural Sciences, also from the University of Pittsburgh. She was inspired to choose eating disorders as her area of focus because of her own lived experience and challenges in recovery. Through her schoolwork, she found that eating disorders were underrepresented in mental health research. She believes that eating disorders are a major public health issue and that peer support for recovery is one of the solutions. 

Lorna Barimi, Peer Supporter Hull House Real Recovery

Charlotte Becker


Charlotte Becker studied Applied Nutrition at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. She is passionate about the culinary arts, nutrition, and mental health. Charlotte is fascinated by behavioral change due to overcoming her own challenges and understanding the possibility of life improvement. She works as a cook in the Central Coast of California and spends her freetime walking on the beach, reading, practicing yoga, jogging, and climbing at her local rock gym. Charlotte is volunteering with The Hull Institute exploring and researching eating disorders.

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