Ann Hull Kuster, LISW, MBA

Executive Director

Ann has over 35 years as a Licensed Independent Social Worker, 18 of them in the field of eating disorders. Ann began her own private practice, The Hull Institute, LLC in 2003, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and other addictions.  She has grown from a sole practitioner to 4 locations with 10 therapists and 3 dietitians.   She is a well-known and respected eating disorders specialist in northeast Ohio and beyond.  Ann has had the desire to open a recovery residence for 13 years, now able to begin to do so thanks to a generous donation for which she did not ask nor plan to receive.

Aymara O'Brien-Pappalardo, MPH - Program Manager

Aymara O'Brien-Pappalardo, MPH

Program Manager

Aymara is passionate about helping people struggling with eating disorders and strives to improve accessibility to and quality of treatment across the field. Having received her Masters in Public Health, she understands the importance of a peer support treatment model and believes that empathy and community are key components of recovery. Aymara has experience working in the eating disorder and nutrition field in both private and non-profit settings. She lives in New York City and spends her free time exploring new restaurants, being outdoors, and hanging out with her friends and family.


Mary Mohr - Peer Supporter

Mary Mohr

Peer Supporter

Mary Mohr is passionate about helping others in the recovery space. She has been recovered from both alcoholism and an eating disorder for over 5 years. She struggled with a restrictive eating disorder from the age of 14 which shifted to heavy alcoholism in her early 20’s. Her journey to recovery began after a several year spiral deep into alcoholism. Her consequences piled high and she was unable to stop drinking on her own. She knew she had but two options: to find recovery or face an alcoholic death. She dove into the program of AA and found recovery through the 12 steps. Today she has found a strong fellowship of women and a fulfilling life in recovery she never thought possible. By day Mary is a Creative Director for a boutique marketing agency and is passionate about all things art, design and creativity. She has a small Pomeranian dog named Bowie who brings much joy and fluff to her life.

Tori Berg - Peer Supporter

Tori Berg

Peer Supporter

Tori Berg is 24 years old and lives in Hinckley with her cat, Ollie Bear. She is very obsessed with Ollie Bear, who she spoils regularly. Tori is a nanny and loves working with children! She has been in recovery from anorexia and bulimia for 4 years. She is also in recovery from self-harm. Her journey has not been easy, but with the help of her support team, she has had a remarkable recovery. Tori values being a peer supporter because she felt isolated and alone in her eating disorder. She wants to use what she has learned from her experience to help others through their own journeys, and her compassion and vulnerability help to create a safe space. Tori’s fun-loving attitude and relatability will be sure to make you laugh.

Cindy Mironets, RD - Peer Supporter

Cindy Mironets, RD

Peer Supporter

Cindy is a registered dietitian by day, working in the field of eating disorders. Knowing how challenging life with an eating disorder is, she has a passion for helping others be able to live a fulfilling life without their eating disorder. As a peer supporter, she hopes to be a source of encouragement and motivation to help others realize that recovery is in fact worth it. Outside of work, Cindy enjoys biking through beautiful Northeast Ohio with her husband, keeping up with various sitcoms, and catching a sunset by the lake.

Grace Byrnes, MSW, LSW - Peer Supporter

Grace Byrnes, MSW, LSW

Peer Supporter

Grace is a MSW, LSW (Clinical Social Worker) in Akron, Ohio. She works with children and adults working through mental and behavioral health challenges. She enjoys being outdoors, reading, writing, and generally being playful and silly with loved ones. Grace focuses on recovery every day, prioritizing the use and practice of the adaptive skills and support team that she has built over the last few years. Finding her identity apart from the disorder has been a process Grace has enjoyed, as the disorder took over her life in childhood. Grace believes that holistic healing with a team, being open and honest with her loved ones, and focusing on the long term benefits of little changes has been pivotal in her journey. Grace knows that without daily reflection and finding the fun in new challenges, honoring her healing, and respecting her human-ness recovery wouldn’t persist. And persist it must, for without recovery her life values diminish, which is not something she is willing to sacrifice a moment longer. Grace wants to help others find this same inspiration.

Nikki Becher, MAEd, LPSC - Peer Supporter

Nikki Becher, MAEd, LPSC

Peer Supporter

Nikki knows how scary it can be to reach out for help when living with an eating disorder. She understands how isolating and alone ED can make you feel. She also knows what life can look like free from the constant torment of anorexia, bulimia, and self-harm behaviors. It’s because of this life in recovery that she is now able to walk beside those finding their own path and support them along the way. Nikki is honored to be a part of Hull House Real Recovery and meet clients where they are and help encourage them to take those next hard right steps. Nikki earned her Masters in School Counseling from Malone University and has a Bachelor’s in Sociology from Walsh University. She has spent years building a career out of experiences that creatively blend education, public health, and human services. Whether working as a school counselor, a hospice bereavement coordinator, a school administrator for social emotional learning, or working to bridge the gaps between public health agencies and vulnerable populations… Nikki sees that her real work is in being an advocate. Outside of work, Nikki loves exploring new places, spending time outside in nature and playing with her dog KT!

Jenny Sprance Peer Supporter Hull House Real Recovery

Jenny Sprance

Peer Supporter

Hi! My name is Jenny, and I am thrilled and grateful to be joining Hull House Real Recovery as a Peer Supporter! I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to use my own lived experience and recovery as a way of helping others through theirs. I hope to be a role model for others pursuing recovery and provide encouragement in knowing that none of us are alone in this journey; we can, and we will get through this together. Furthermore, I have been in recovery for 9 years and can understand how painful and challenging it is to live with an eating disorder and mental illness in all aspects of one’s life. I know how difficult life after treatment can be, the challenges that can arise, and the importance of peer support throughout this process. I want to be there for my mentees in any way that I can be and instill in them the shared belief that with support, community, and hope, recovery IS possible. In addition to being a Peer Supporter, I am a National Walk Coordinator for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), coordinating the Cleveland, Ohio NEDA Walk. Both of these positions have been my two biggest goals in recovery, and I am incredibly grateful and humbled to be living my recovery dream come true. I want others to know that with recovery, they too can achieve their biggest dreams and not only survive, but thrive!

Lorna Barimi, Peer Supporter Hull House Real Recovery

Lorna Barimi

Peer Supporter

Lorna Barimi and her two cats live in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an artist and a fitness instructor, teaching pole dancing and yoga. After 10 years of coping with trauma through disordered eating, she began the healing journey that would lead her to herself. Lorna wants to help others through their own healing by being the peer supporter that she wishes she had. Life without the berating, internal ED voice has been so much more peaceful. She hopes that she can help others realize that they deserve that peace too.

Peer Supporter Hull House Real Recovery

Kayla Charvat

Peer Supporter

My name is Kayla Charvat, and I am 28 years old, living right outside downtown Cleveland. I have been in recovery since 2020 and am excited and dedicated to helping others reach a point of happiness and acceptance in themselves. I work locally with the American Cancer Society as well as the local cycle gym, Harness Cycle. To me, being active and outdoors is just as important as snuggling up with a puzzle and a movie. Balance is my cornerstone to keeping myself happy and healthy. I feel passionate about providing others with the support and assistance to live a happy and healthy life full of laughter, fun, and acceptance!

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