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HHRR is here to help

At HHRR, we provide:

  • A safe and loving transitional home for your client
  • A program that supports the individual recovery path of your client, the path that you helped them set
  • A smooth transition from your treatment center to our home
  • The development of vital skills for a safe and comfortable transition back to everyday life

Accountability, Connection and Love

We all want clients to thrive and create a meaningful life free of eating disorders and addiction. 

Relapse rates for ED and addictions are high; higher for women who struggle with both, compounded by brain disorders and trauma.  HHRR  provides a home where your clients can continue their recovery journey in a supportive and loving environment for 6-18 months (if we are lucky!).   

We are not a treatment center; instead, our trained peer supporters offer accountability, connection, and love as residents work with their outside treatment team to venture back into the world, behavior free.   We walk beside your client as they develop a new sense of self, find their authenticity, and a new way of living.

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We need talent, become a volunteer today! As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charity, your donations will help participants receive the treatment they need and help them on their road to recovery and the life they want and deserve.


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