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Long Lasting Recovery Residences

Your clients just spent 30-60-90 days in treatment with you and they did their best to work toward recovery. Whether they struggle in their thoughts or in their behaviors or both, you know how challenging discharge can be.

They worked hard. Your team worked hard. They want to fly and get on with their life in recovery. And your fear they will relapse is great. You know that life with an ED and SUD, then throw in some level of trauma, depression and anxiety, going back into life, either living alone or returning to family, is difficult. They may not be ready. HHRR is there to help.

  • Your clients just invested 30-60-90 days doing their best in treatment
  • You and your team just invested 30-60-90 days treating them
  • You’ve provided intensive nutritional rehabilitation
  • You’ve addressed their substance use disorder, and they have been sober for a while now
  • You’ve provided hours of daily therapy of all sorts, and they have made progress physically mentally emotionally, spiritually, socially,
  • You’ve scratched the surface of the trauma that has robbed them of the life they want
  • And they want to fly and get on with their life in recovery.

Everyone wants them to thrive and create a meaningful life free of the eating disorder and substances they were using.

You know the relapse rates for ED and SUD and how those are even higher for women who have both disorders. Now there is an after care residence for women to live that provides ongoing support for 6-12 months when they can continue the work they started with you.

We are not a treatment center. They no longer need that. What they need is accountability support and love as they venture back into the world and develop a new sense of self, and new authenticity, a new way of being in the world.

We offer a safe sober home for 4 women for longer lasting recovery. We know how to support residence during is struggle. Whether that struggle is an urge to use an ED behavior, and urge to use a substance, an urge to numb out of disconnect, and urge lasting out or do something impulsive, our house manager has lived through those same urges and is trained to help the participant diffuse them and get through the difficult time and come out the other side giving themselves loving compassion regardless of how they did.

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