To Long-Term Recovery

Let’s talk sober living. Anyone reading this knows how to define sober living for addiction. Yet it seems more complex to define sobriety/abstinence for eating disorders. Really, it’s pretty simple.

At HHRR, abstinence is the same for eating disorders as it is for addictions of any sort: When we are abstinent, we are free of behaviors that are harmful to us; behaviors that take us away from the lives we want. For example, if you have a meal plan and follow it, you are abstinent from behaviors because no meal plan allows for restricting, bingeing or purging. Sobriety in eating disorders is about knowing which foods you can pick up and when and how to pick them up to create a life worth living, a life worth sharing. In addictions, you can never pick up.  Abstinence means not using, ever, one day at a time.

At HHRR, we fully accept and appreciate that slips and slides are inevitable when we must make so many daily decisions: decisions about what to eat, how much, when, whether to go to a meeting, whether to pick up the phone and ask for help, whether to listen to or disobey those automatic negative thoughts.  We opened HHRR to assist each resident in making these tough decisions, one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time!  We use the same model to recover from eating disorders and addictions because this model works!

Our Approach To Recovery

Hull House Recovery Residences focuses on three essential tools to build meaningful recovery for individuals with eating disorders and addictions.


We believe accountability is a powerful tool in motivating us to make permanent changes in our daily lives. We collaborate with our residents to set realistic daily goals to keep them on track and moving toward their goals and dreams. Rather than listen to the eating disorder or addiction, we help residents listen to those who have gone before them (peers and sponsors), those who love them and understand them (healthy family and friends), and those who will help them combat those voices telling them they are not good enough or deserving enough (treatment team and HHRR staff).

Our home is staffed with a 24-hour peer house manager and daily peer supporters who oversee all daily activities and walk beside each resident in achieving their goals, one day at a time.


We believe that by creating a positive, safe, and home-like environment, our residents will develop and maintain new and healthy responses to everyday situations that once triggered addictive and self-destructive behaviors.

Hull House Recovery Residences offers residents a safe and sober environment with others who share their struggles and desire for recovery. Connecting daily with others who appreciate and relate to the unique challenges of having an eating disorder and/or addiction is critical to making lasting changes in behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.


We believe that giving love to residents is the best way to help them kick their addiction to the curb. We encourage our residents to accept our loving support, and we value love from our residents in return.

Hull House Recovery Residences provides a loving home-like setting where residents bond and support each other. Love comes in many forms; the house manager and peer supporters offer it in ways that many residents have never experienced.

Developing Skills

  • Meal support
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • Dining experiences in the house and in restaurants

Healing is Possible

  • Arts and crafts
  • Yoga and healthy physical activity
  • Music-both listening and creating
  • Physical, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Finding balance, sitting still, breathing and having FUN

Why Hull House Recovery Residences?

There are few homes with expert programming and staff to address addictions and eating disorders.  You may be thinking: “Recovery in Akron, Ohio.  Really?”  YES!  When we want something bad enough, we will do the next right hard thing, again and again.  Akron may be just that next right hard thing.  Actually, it is a very cool city with lots to offer.  If you come from out of town, your stay may be temporary, or you may decide to relocate to be part of our growing recovery community. If you live in Northeast Ohio, you will not be too far from your family and friends.

Katie’s Place is a four-bed recovery home designed specifically for women and those who identify as women, recently discharged from treatment for an eating disorder and/or addiction who may also struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and/or other brain disorders. We are open, nonjudgmental, and we embrace diversity and inclusion in all our practices.

Hull House Recovery Residences is rooted in the Peer Support, Social Model for eating disorders and addiction recovery.  We work closely with our residents, local treatment providers, family, and community toward the common goal of lasting recovery.

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