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What We Do

Why Hull House Recovery Residences?

Well, let’s be honest. Why HHRR?  Because where else are you going to go? There are only few other places to go.  If you are leaving treatment, and you know or someone who loves you know that going home right now is not the answer, then HHRR is the next right thing to do.

Think of it this way: if there were other recovery homes specializing in both Eating Disorder and Substance Use Disorder, we wouldn’t need HHRR.  There are no other homes with expert programming and staff to address both addictions.  While Akron is not yet well known around the country as a desirable place to live, it is a pretty cool city with lots to offer.  If you come from out of town, your stay may be temporary, or you may decide to relocate because we have a growing recovery community.  If you live in Northeast Ohio, Akron is not too far from your family and friends.

Our first residence is a 4 bed recovery home designed specifically for women recently discharged from treatment for an eating disorder, who may also have a substance use disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD or other brain disorders.  We accept women and people who identify as women, we embrace diversity and are inclusive in all our practices.

Hull House Recovery Residences are rooted in the peer support, social model of eating disorders recovery working closely with participants, local treatment providers, family and community toward the common goal of lasting recovery.

Connect with Hull House Recovery Residences

Our Approach To Recovery

Hull House Recovery Residences focus on three essential tools to build meaningful recovery places for people with eating disorders and other addictions.

We believe accountability is a powerful tool in motivating us to make permanent changes in our daily lives. We help our participants set realistic daily goals to keep them on track and moving toward their goals and dreams. Rather than listen to the eating disorder or addiction, we help you listen to those who have gone before you, those who love you and those who will help you combat those voices telling you that you are not good enough.

Our residences are staffed with a 24-hour peer house manager who oversees all daily activities and helps each participant achieve their goals, one day at a time.

The house manager offers accountability and support to participants individually and as a group. Our participants are required to participate in outside psychotherapy and nutrition therapy, AA, NA, EDA and other recovery programs. Participants will follow a mutually agreed upon treatment contract that includes treatment for mental and physical health, random drug and alcohol testing, meal logging, weekly house meetings and daily check-ins with the house manager. When participants stumble, the house manager along with the house members will pick them up and encourage them to get back on track.

We believe that by creating a positive, safe and home-like environment our participants will develop and maintain new and healthier responses to their everyday situations that were once triggers to addictive and self-destructive behaviors. 

Hull House Recovery Residences offer participants a day-and-night sober environment with others who share their struggles and their desire for recovery. Being able to connect daily with others who appreciate the unique challenges of having an Eating Disorder and Substance Use Disorder is critical to making lasting changes in behaviors, thoughts and feelings.

We believe that giving love to people is the best way to help them kick their addiction to the curb. We encourage our participants to accept our loving support rather than insisting they can do it on their own.  We also accept love from participants.  It goes both ways. 

Hull House Recovery Residences provide a loving home-like setting where participants bond and support each other. Love comes in many forms and the house manager and other staff provide it in ways that many participants have never experienced. The home offers a safe place for participants to heal and find their authentic selves.

Hull House Recovery Residences assist participants in developing skills that promote recovery, self-esteem, self-sufficiency and independence, including:

  • Meal support
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • Dining experiences in the house and in restaurants
  • Volunteering, work and school
  • Arts and crafts
  • Yoga and healthy physical activity
  • Music-both listening and creating
  • Wellness and physical, emotional, spiritual, and social activities
  • Finding balance, sitting still, breathing and having FUN

Where Accountability, Connection and Love are there, we believe healing is possible. HHRR is a nurturing, safe place you can call HOME!